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Drone X Pro SpecificationsDroneX Pro – Photography Gone Airborne

Have you ever been at a family reunion, company party, or maybe even tailgating, and you want a photo with everybody in it? The problem is there’s just too many people for everyone to fit in the same shot… plus, someone has to be holding the camera. A drone can solve all those problems. In this Drone X Pro review, we’ll look at this device, its specifications, its ease of use, and its value. We’re here to help you decide if this drone is something that might help out with those difficult photo scenarios. But if you’re ready to get one right now, go ahead! You can order the Drone X Pro using any of the links on this page. If not, keep reading to learn more.

Here’s the situation: desperately trying to get everyone in the picture, poor Jerry has to go stand on a roof or a ladder to get a good angle. Now Jerry isn’t even in the picture! Guess what? There’s a much easier way to do this – the Drone X Pro. Get off the roof, Jerry! You’re going to hurt yourself! With the Drone X Pro selfie camera, Jerry can get a high angle shot without creating an insurance liability. And he’ll actually be in the picture! Let’s see Lindsey from accounting accuse him of not being at the party now! He’s got proof.

Selfie Drone X Pro

Drone X Pro Usefulness – Jerry’s Been Getting On That Roof For Years. Do We Need This?

Did you ever stop to ask Jerry if he wants to keep going on the roof? With the Drone X Pro flyer, no one has to go on the roof. You also get much better photos. The roof may be high up, but Jerry’s still taking the photo from an angle that might cut off the people in the back. With a drone, he can get a shot of everyone from straight up! That way, everyone is in the picture, and no one is missing half their face because they were standing behind Carl who’s really tall and didn’t have the decency to stand in the back of the group. You can also grab overhead shots of the office building for the company newsletter, or the new house you bought, complete with front and back yard in the same picture.

Drone X Pro Specifications – Lindsey From Accounting Wants To Know More For The Budget

  • HD Photos And Videos – 120 frames per second at 12 mega-pixels if you want to get really technical.
  • Panorama Mode – Take 360 degree photos.
  • 12 Minutes Of Flying Time – That should give Jerry enough time to take the shot, right?
  • Slo-mo Mode – For play-by-play of the three-legged race.
  • Gravity Sensor To Avoid Collision – Because Jerry’s never flown a drone before.

What Is The Drone X Pro’s Price – Lindsey Still Needs To Know More

The base price is $99 for one drone. The manufacturer is offering a deal though. If you order two Drone X Pros, they’ll give you a third for FREE. That way Jerry can crash one and let another fall in the pool. If you order three drones, they’ll give you TWO for FREE… that’s five drones! Jerry can crash one, land one in the pool, put one in the microwave, and the golden retriever Carl brought can take one down. You’d still have a drone left! Let’s face it, accidents happen.

How To Use The Drone X Pro – Can Jerry Handle The Responsibility?

Yeah, probably. We trust Jerry. Here’s a step-by-step guide in case he has a little trouble:

  1. Unfold the drone.
  2. Hook a phone into the remote so you can see what the drone sees.
  3. Start flying and taking photos or videos.
  4. The more you use it, the better you’ll know all of its features.

What Else Can The Drone X Pro Selfie Flyer Do? – Oh, Now You’re Interested, Carl?

The answer is a lot. It’s not just for taking group shots and cool photos of buildings that would normally require a helicopter. The Drone X Pro is lightweight, and that makes it fast. It can fly at a rate of 12 meters per second, and the remote works up to 2 kilometers away. It can even do flips. Besides, we’ve barely touched on the video feature. Hey Carl, want to record your kid’s football game from an angle no other parent has? The Drone XPro can do that. Lindsey, we know you’re making that short-film for the film festival in August. Want some dynamic B-roll? This little gadget has a lot of uses. Here are a bunch of other things you might be able to do with this device.

The Drone X Pro Flying Camera | Final Thoughts

You’ve heard a lot about drones, and only you can decide if it’s worth it to purchase one. The Drone X Pro is high-tech, lightweight, and takes HD photos and videos. That’s the bottom line. If Jerry is fine getting back up on the roof, that’s okay. This product may not be for you, but if you’re looking to get better, more dynamic shots, consider the Drone X Pro. You can order one from any of the links on this page. Jerry! Seriously, get off the roof!

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